BALK - Simon Buckley & Lars Karl Becker

We are very happy to announce our next show at GPS, 'BALK' by Lars Karl Becker and Simon Buckley.

Hailing from Berlin and Govanhill respectively Lars and Simon and have worked in a regular collaboration since they studied together in 2014 at Staedelschule, Frankfurt and then Glasgow School of Art.

For BALK Lars Karl Becker and Simon Buckley have developed a combination of individual contributions exploring the boundaries between sculpture, writing and obliteration. The works on show turn to a shared practice that renders their respective means uncomfortably visible. In an uncompromising approach you are invited to feel the skeletal presence of abandoned visual languages; the spooky echoes of an opaque conceptual framework that encompasses the history of Western art and our notion of culture itself.

Buckley presents three inkjet prints on archival paper. ’STOOGE’ (2018) depicts a series of cross-section drawings from a children’s book of castles. Onto the prints are placed business cards from personal trainers. The crude combinations invite reflection into notions of self-definition and authorial authority.

Becker’s sculptural video work ’How Do You Spell Capitalism?’ (2018) hovers through the exhibition space. The work juxtaposes footage of cultural management against televisual documentary narration. The installation poses questions towards history being a human construct, problematising our authoritarian sense of being here now.

The exhibition is being produced with the kind support of Goethe Institut Glasgow.

We would be delighted to see you at the opening on Friday the 7th of December, 7-9pm